Payment Gateway Integration

Payments Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is a portal that facilitates authorization and processing of online transactions between customers and merchants. We offer payment gateway integration services in Vancouver.

Digital Consultancy

Encrypting sensitive payment information of your customers to ensure security of their financial data.

Brand Marketing

We understand your business requirements, website platform and payment needs to offer a compatible solution.

Performance Monitoring

Our payment gateway integration services pay diligence to speed for offering a seamless experience to your users.

Traffic Analytic

Thorough reporting of the transactions to help you maintain a record of the payments received and bills issued.

Conversion Optimization

We focus on offering a seamless user interface for increased usability of the payment gateway by your customers.

Social Tracking

Ensure maximum coverage for your customer requirements by integrating multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, etc.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Role Of Payment Gateway

Any eCommerce business that processes online payments needs a payment gateway. It serves the same purpose as a Point Of Service (POS) device in any physical store. When a customer enters his payment (credit card) information, the payment is processed as “card-not-present” transaction. The information is encrypted and sent to the merchant’s processor which routes it to credit card association. The transaction is authorized by the association and sent back to payment processing network.

Our team offers Payment Gateway Integration for your business website in Vancouver, BC. The services include assistance in choosing the right payment gateway, answering your queries, helping you understand the process, seamless integration and after-support.


Choosing Right Payment Gateway

Choosing the right payment gateway is of utter importance. Consider various factors like what payments are used by your customers, payment gateway fees, PCI compliance, compatibility with your website platform, currencies supported by the payment gateway and fraud prevention tools. Also, it is important to see if the payment gateway has the ability to process larger payments or if it allows you to add features as your business grows.

To make the choice easier for you, our team helps you in understanding different types of payment gateways: hosted and integrated. We pay due diligence to your requirements and offer a payment gateway integration services that are in line with your business growth.


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