Local SEO Checklist For Your Business In Vancouver

Location-based optimization has always been an integral part of the SEO process; however, a change in search behavior of consumers has led to a greater emphasis on local SEO in recent times. Some factors that have resulted in a focus on local SEO are increased use of mobile devices, higher competition in the local market, change in search engine algorithms, etc.

Local SEO can help in improving the footprint traffic to your local business in Vancouver by improving your ranking for local search queries related to relevant keywords. It also helps in building brand recognition, improving brand credibility and building brand image via listings and reviews.

In order to help you understand the aspects of local SEO, you should focus on; here is a local SEO checklist for your business in Vancouver:

Mobile-Friendly: Recent trends indicate a rise in the number of users who conduct a search on their mobile device. Figures state that 9 out of 10 smartphone users make use of their mobile phones to search for a product, service or local business. Also, 30% of mobile searches are location-based and 76% of these searches result in a phone call. This makes it important to optimize your website in accordance with mobile devices. The website should offer a great mobile experience with a responsive design and structure. The search index of Google also follows a mobile-first approach. Thus, it has become essential to add a mobile-friendly aspect to your local SEO strategy.

Keyword Research: As a consumer travels farther on the path of buying a product/service, he adds geo-modifiers to the search such as ‘lawyers in Vancouver’, ‘builders near me’, etc. This indicates high intent and higher chances of conversion. Conduct thorough research using tools such as Google’s keyword planner to research location-specific keywords that are relevant to your niche. Revise your local SEO strategy and use these keywords when fabricating your website content or other SEO content such as blog posts, videos, etc.

Google My Business: Stats state that 40% of mobile searches are local in nature. In order to cater to the search intent of these users, Google focuses on the proximity of a business to the location of the user for delivering relevant ads and search results. So, in the current scenario, it is necessary to have a Google My Business page for your local business in Vancouver. Make it a point to include the nature of your business, contact details, address, location map, etc. to ensure a higher rank in SERPs.

Positive Reviews & Feedback: Customer reviews and feedback play a vital role in building brand credibility and online visibility of your local business in Vancouver. In addition to motivating your customers to provide a review, it is equally important to manage the reviews. Make sure that the information being added about your business is correct. Also, reply to the customer feedback in time.

Meta Tags & Footer: Local SEO involves a number of signposts that facilitate search bots in understanding where you are located and what services are you providing. Adding state/city name to the Meta Tags helps the search bots in indexing and ranking your page for your location. You can also add your location to the footer and tag it with relevant schema/markup text.

Separate Page For Every Location: In case you have multiple outlets at different locations within a city or in different cities, it is suggested to have different pages and URLs for every location. Alternatively, you can create a single page and provide links for different locations. Creating different pages and URLs help users in finding location-specific services easily. Also, it allows search bots to index these pages separately for their location.

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