Under $2 Per Lead For A Chain Of Hospitals – SEO Strategy

We were enlisted to perform complete SEO & User Interface audit and provide recommendations for a Hospital Portal. One single portal was catering to 6 Locations across multiple cities.


SEO Observations:

  • Uneven content across the hospital portal
  • Wrong usage of tags affecting SEO (Google Rankings) for the hospital
  • Wrong usage of canonicals
  • Medical services grouped in the wrong manner
  • Low-quality backlinks, majorly from unrelated portals
  • Hospital’s Google Local Listings needed optimization
  • Doctors and Surgeons pages needed optimization
  • Doctor’s specialties needed improvement.
  • Media files/ Images tags/ size issues
  • Off-Page SEO needed improvement

User Interface Observations

  • Mobile view for hospital’s portal needed improvement
  • Call for actions needed improvement
  • Missed multiple human-scenarios
  • Needed more visible arrangement of buttons and links
  • Medical content structure needed improvement

What We Did

  • Thorough desktop and mobile audit of the portal
  • Created a milestone-based plan for SEO of the hospital’s website
  • First step was to modify the structure of the hospital’s website (based on User Interface testing)
  • Then, we created content, tags, meta and performed internal linking of relevant pages and sections across the portal.
  • Conducted website audit before launching the new portal.
  • We created informative blog posts/ infographics and promoted them on social media and other 3rd party portals.
  • Modified website copy as and when required.
  • Created user-friendly FAQ and informative sections.
  • Performed Google Listing Optimization for hospital locations, physicians & surgeons.
  • Used multiple forms of media (video, images, etc.)
  • Press release for relevant events
  • Lastly, performed continuous Off-Page optimization for the hospital portal.

What We Achieved

  • Under $3 lead for hospital achieved.
  • Averaged 62K plus monthly Google Listing views
  • Averaged 13k plus website users (monthly)
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Increased engagement
  • Better visibility on search engines for physicians and surgeons

Comparison of Result

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1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI